Hurricane Laura And Hurricane Sally

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Weathering The Storm

If your property got affected by hurricane Laura or hurricane Sally we recommend that first and foremost of course that you make sure you and your family are safe, with shelter, and all the other necessities you need to survive.  While hurricane sally and hurricane laura were two different types of storms, one consisting primarily of wind (hurricane laura) and one consisting primarily of water/rain (hurricane sally) in both cases we highly recommend that you try and take some pictures of your damage, and document as much as you can if there will be a insurance claim involved.  Your next goal should be to try and mitigate your damages, so your property is secure, and not going to obtain more damage.  This may include temporary repairs, or getting a temporary tarp installed until you have a contractor that is able to start the work for you, or until your insurance claim is submitted and/or resolved.

In terms of hiring a third party insurance adjuster or attorney to help resolve your claim, we try and explain it like this.  Your insurance company will have a adjuster that represents their company, and is looking out for their companies best interest as they are a for profit company, and in business to make money.  If you have a experienced professional looking out for your best interest it can only help!  As a policy holder you normally have duties that you must comply with that your policy requires.  You want to make sure that you follow your duties and comply with your policy.

If you choose to submit your claim on your own and do receive a check, it’s best to make sure that check doesn’t say anything like ‘by depositing this check you agree that this is the finally payment to your claim’.  Even if you have submitted your claim by yourself and not with the help of a third party professional, as long as you don’t sign a release, or deposit a settlement check that states something similar to the above verbiage you can still have a professional look over and analyze your claims resolution and work to negotiate a higher settlement if there is an opportunity to.

Many times any fee associated with outside help is very small when you consider how much you have benefited from their services and their expertise in this industry.  It will help you level the playing field.  If you hire help from the beginning figure if done correctly that will get your insurance company fighting an uphill battle rather then obtain help after you have run into problems and then you may find yourself and your help then playing catchup and fighting an uphill battle yourselves.  Contact us at to speak with a qualified building and insurance claims professional.  We eat, sleep, and breath construction, and property damage claims, and nothing is more rewarding to us then helping out the insured get their property back to it’s pre-loss condition.  Visit our website or call us 888-674-1889 to see how we can help.